Partner Publications

Stakes and Perspectives of the Portable Telephones Market in Central Asia

by Sebastien Peyrouse, CAP Papers 176, October 2016

The South Caucasus concert: Each playing its own tune

by Jos Boonstra, FRIDE Working Paper, September 2015

Conflicting aims, limited means: Russia in the Middle East

by Mark N. Katz, FRIDE Policy brief, May 2015

Fragile states: an urgent challenge for EU foreign policy

by Clare Castillejo, FRIDE Working paper, March 2015

A broken region: evaluating EU policies in the South Caucasus

by Jos Boonstra, Laure Delcour, FRIDE Policy Brief, January 2015

Challenges for European Foreign Policy in 2015. How others deal with disorder

by Giovanni Grevi, Daniel Keohane, FRIDE Book, January 2015

Mixed signals: China in the Middle East

by Kerry Brown, FRIDE Policy Brief, December 2014


What role for the European Parliament in Central Asia?

No. 25
cover "European Parliament" by Christopher Cotrell via Flickr

by Tika Tsertsvadze
EUCAM Commentary No. 25, September 2014

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National Policy Series

EUCAM National Series Policy Brief No. 17

No. 17

European National Policies Series - Russia and Central Asia

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Discussing human rights with Central Asia is not enough

No. 16
cover By Mariusz Kluzniak, Samarqand Market, via Flickr

by Editorial by Jos Boonstra and Tika Tsertsvadze
EUCAM Watch No. 16, July 2014

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Working Papers

How does Central Asia view the EU?

No. 18
cover By European Parliament via Flickr

by Sébastien Peyrouse (ed.)
EUCAM Working Paper No. 18, June 2014

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Central Asia Highlights

Divided we fall … or rise? Tajikistan–Kyrgyzstan border dilemma

By Anna Matveeva, Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies, February 2017.

Dictators Without Borders

By Alexander Cooley and John Heathershaw, Exeter Central Asian Studies Network, February 2017

Kyrgyzstan: State Fragility and Radicalisation

By International Crisis Group, briefing No. 83, October 2016

Uzbekistan: In Transition

By International Crisis Group, briefing No. 82, September 2016