What is EUCAM

Shahi-Zinda, Samarkand, 2007. Author:Ulrike Gruska

Established in 2008 by FRIDE as a project seeking to monitor the implementation of the EU Strategy for Central Asia, EUCAM has grown into a knowledge hub on broader Europe-Central Asia relations. With CESS guidance and cooperation EUCAM will seek to continue to raise the profile of European-Central Asian relations in general, and more specifically to:

  • Critically, though constructively, scrutinize European policies towards Central Asia; 
  • Enhance knowledge of European engagement with Central Asia through top-quality research;
  • Raise awareness on the importance of Central Asia and Europe’s engagement, as well as discuss European policies among Central Asian communities;
  • Expand the network of experts and institutions from Europe and Central Asia and provide a forum for debate.



Policy Briefs

Policy Brief

No. 36

Is Kazakhstan's rising star fading?

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Working Papers/Reports


No. 19

Implementation and review of the European Union - Central Asia Strategy: Recommendations for EU action

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No. 28

Renewing EU and US Soft Power in Central Asia

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No. 18

Towards a new EU Strategy for Central Asia

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