Samarkand, 2007. Author: Ulrike Gruska

Among its activities, EUCAM in partnership with other organisations and on its own, occasionally organises public meetings, conferences, round tables and other gatherings in order to bring together European and Central Asian experts and provide a platform for fruitful discussions and debates. Also, EUCAM is a frequent participant to other Central Asia related events. With EUCAM being part since 2016 of the Centre for European Security Studies – that has broad experience in training of civil society and governance communities – we will also seek to combine EUCAM research output with CESS training capacity.

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief

No. 34

Reviewing the EU’s approach to Central Asia

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Working Papers/Reports


No. 19

Implementation and review of the European Union - Central Asia Strategy: Recommendations for EU action

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No. 27

Mastering a Façade democracy: elections in Uzbekistan

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No. 17

On a positive note...

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