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Policy Briefs 

EUCAM Policy Briefs examine current affairs and key issues in the Europe-Central Asia relationship through which we aim to enhance understanding of the EU Strategy for Central Asia. EUCAM also offers a European National Policies Series that looks at the approaches of national European states towards Central Asia.

Open Policy Briefs

Working Papers/Reports

EUCAM Working Papers examine the core themes of Europe-Central Asia relations in an extensive and in-depth way. The reports are often the outcomes of specific externally funded projects.

Open Working Papers/Reports


This newsletter offers the latest on EUCAM and is always focused on a specific theme. The publication offers a series of interviews or/and essays by academics, civil society experts or policy-makers.

Open EUCAM Watch Issues


Occasional quantitative overviews of a specific aspect of European policies towards Central Asia.

Open Factsheets


Insightful short pieces on current events in Europe-Central Asia affairs.

Open Commentaries

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief

No. 34

Reviewing the EU’s approach to Central Asia

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Working Papers/Reports


No. 19

Implementation and review of the European Union - Central Asia Strategy: Recommendations for EU action

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No. 27

Mastering a Façade democracy: elections in Uzbekistan

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No. 17

On a positive note...

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